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Now hiring: Join the Derby core team at Lever

In addition to our continued development of Derby, Brian and I have started a company called Lever. Lever is redefining talent software, starting with applicant tracking for hiring. With Lever, we aim to set the standard for next generation web apps, and we are hiring software engineers who share our ambitions.

Innovate in web technology while solving real world problems

We are building our product with Derby both to benefit from its unique capabilities and to put the technology to the test. Working at Lever means moving the ball forward on a product that our users love at the same time as contributing to the future of web app development. A big part of why we are hiring is to continue innovation on the framework itself. We have learned an incredible amount about how we can make Derby better by building a sophisticated app on top of it, and we are excited to make improvements.

You might wonder why we chose to write new software for tracking hiring. After interviewing managers at Square, Twitter, Yammer, AirBnB, Stripe, and other great companies, we learned that applicant tracking tools are ripe for disruption. Limited visibility into hiring data frustrates engineering managers trying to grow their teams, and difficult to use tools frustrate interviewers and recruiters alike. This is a unique opportunity where companies are already eager to adopt new enterprise software.

Lever’s culture is rooted in pairing technology innovation with user-driven design. We work right next to 50 of our users, directly learning how we can make each of their days a little better with every code push. Rather than defining our product by a list of features, we have reimagined applicant tracking around the candidate-company relationship.

Sweet office in downtown San Francisco

We are located in our pilot customer’s office in San Francisco. In addition to the best user feedback a team could ask for, we also get three free meals a day, free snacks, an office full of talented engineers and designers to learn from, and a spectacular roof deck.

Learn a ton, and build a fantastic company

As one of the very first hires at Lever, you will take a defining role in the company. You will have flexibility to contribute across the technology stack.

  • Design and implement a wide variety of product features
  • Be a primary contributor to Derby, Racer, and other open source projects
  • Optimize search quality
  • Architect backend infrastructure
  • Administer servers
  • Create innovative data visualizations
  • Test and deploy every day


Derby & Racer, Node.js, HTML/CSS, Socket.IO, MongoDB, Solr, Git, and AWS


San Francisco, CA