Expect more from your MVC.

DerbyJS is a full-stack framework for writing modern web applications.

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Realtime collaboration

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Effortlessly sync data across clients and servers with automatic conflict resolution powered by ShareJS's operational transformation of JSON and text.

Server Rendering

The same templates can be rendered to HTML in the browser or on the server. This means you can have fast page loads, search engine support and even use the same templates to render emails.

Components and View bindings

Organize your code into Components with designer-friendly HTML templates.
Easily specify live bindings between the view and model so that when data changes, the view updates instantly.


DerbyJS is composed of several standard Node.js modules. Mix and match your own code, community modules and DerbyJS functionality with standard tools like npm and browserify.


Connect with people using and developing DerbyJS! Ask questions and show off what you are building on the mailing list, StackOverflow, GitHub and more!